My country life...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

When your alone... all you need to do is look up!

Today I put my foot down and decided that today would be the day that I check out the local church that I have been planning to attend. I didnt really speak to anyone... but I did so very much enjoy the sermon and the music.
The words touched my heart and soul. There was a young girl that sang this morning and her voice was remarkable... as well as the song. It called to me.
I had an urge to go to the front when they asked if anyone had been lost on their journey... yet something perhaps shyness ... held me in my seat. Perhaps next week after I get a bit more comfortable I will be able to listen to my heart and do what needs to be done.
Also Don said that he would try and come next week. I know that its a difficult thing for him so I do not push but make sure that I ask.
I forgot to take my pill today and surely felt it. Ended up having to have a nap which since I started to take them I have not had to. Will make an extra effort to remember to take them from this point forward.
After church we went and did some groceries and then went to see the horses that we moved to another farm. They all came up to see us and we gave them some cut up apples as well as some sweet feed. They hopefully will get nice and plump over there.
This weekend I was able to get over my 5 month slump in scrapbooking. I completed a 2 page layout on spring in the new house. I really loved it. It was nice to be able to get back doing a passion that I have. Don built me a few shelves in my scraproom so now I have some extra space to place things on.
Tonight I am watching the finale of survivor and during commercials am going to try and unpack more scrapbook stuff and organize it all.

Well thats my weekend in a nutshell.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Well, the Arkansas heat of May is just astounding... we have already turned on our air for the last three days. So different to living in Canada. This morning we hooked up the horse trailer and went to friends of ours to get some hay for the horses and some guinea birds for the yard. The heat just keeps on rising and as the day progresses, my energy level depletes quickly.
I went in the house for a bit to have a drink and cool down. Charlene drove me on the four wheeler around her 120 acres ... we were looking for a runt calf they had that I am interested in purchasing. It has grown but is still much tinier then the others.
She gave me some plants to take home, which I planted at the side of the house, hopefully will get them to grow and they don't die on me right away. I sure wish I had a green thumb. The plants we bought for inside the house don't seem to be doing so well LOL. But I will keep trying.
Some time tonight Don is going to build me 3 shelves in the scraproom/office for me to be able to store some of this stuff on. I have gotten to a standstill because each box I unpack I have no where to put the stuff away. He is also going to work on building me a shelving unit to store my patterned papers by color and theme. That will help out a lot.
I completed an invitation for a July 4th barbecue we are planning the other night. The first time I have scrapped since we moved here 5 months ago. I have a page I am planning but need to take one more picture so that I can complete it.
I am spending a lot of time at 2peas... getting tons of ideas and inspirations. Am hoping to one day be able to have a craft sale with some of the things that I make. I have enough materials to make do for a year or so LOL.
Don bought me a photo printer for mothers day. I have printed a couple of photos so far, and am loving it. Now just need to find more inspiration of things to photograph LOL.
I am going to work a bit more in my scraproom tonight I think, if I can find some more energy that is. And Friday night TV is horrible. Might be an early night for me.